Social Media Marketing: How To Use Google UTM Parameters & Track Social Traffic?

Almost every webmaster or site owner shares their content on social media as part of their social media marketing campaign. Are you one of them? But you don’t know the performance of those posts on social media? Like how much traffic is coming to your web pages from those posts? You can take advantage of Google UTM parameters to track traffic from your posts on Facebook pages, groups, and ads.

In this post, you will learn how Google UTM parameters can analyze social media traffic.

What Is a UTM?

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module.

UTMs allow you to differentiate traffic sources and are helpful when you are sharing your same blog post on all your social media platforms. UTM parameters will help you discover more about your readers.

UTM links allow you to create identifiers, or parameters within your URLs so you can track referral traffic to your blog posts, or landing pages, or opt-in forms. The beauty is that with UTM parameters, you can send users to the same URL from different places. You just add UTM parameters to the URL.

For example, you have referral traffic from your email newsletter, Facebook ads, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. When you use UTM parameters, you can easily track referrals and link performance.

You must have Google Analytics configured and installed on your website where UTM parameters will be used.

1) How To Create Link With Google UTM Parameters?

Visit Google URL Builder to create UTM link. This tool lets you add key identifiers to your URL.

Google URL Builder
The first step is to add URL of your blog post in WEBSITE URL box.
Now enter your social media platform name along with a unique identifier in the campaign text box. For example, Type FbAds if you want to share the post in Facebook ads.

Website URL and campaign name fields are necessary to create URL with UTM parameters. Rest of the fields are optional.

2) Access Your Data in Google Analytics

Now that blog post links are created with Google UTM; it’s time to access traffic data in Google Analytics.

Login to your Google Analytics and choose Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns. You will see all the UTM campaigns created on this page.

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