Social Media Marketing Tip – How To Stream To Facebook Live From PC / Laptop

We have heard from people that Facebook live is only available on mobile. I hope you also read this but reality is different. In this post, we will teach you another social media marketing tip. That is how to stream to Facebook live from PC or laptop. Yes, you don’t need a mobile phone to stream to Facebook live.

Where We Can Stream Facebook Live?

You can stream live content on your Facebook profile, a group, Facebook page.

Can I use multiple cameras to stream to Facebook live?

Yes, you can use more than one camera on Facebook live stream. You can also take advantage of videos and images to create rich experience.

How To Stream To Facebook Live From PC?

First question is whether it’s possible or not to stream from PC. Answer is YES, it possible. There are software available that you can use to Facebook live stream on PC. The most popular or you can say the ones I had used are OBS Studio and Wirecast.

What Are Benefits Of Using These Softwares?

  • Option to use multiple cams.
  • DSLR compatibility.
  • Use images and videos on your PC / Laptop during Facebook live stream.
  • Use phone camera via IP mobile app.
  • Multiple displays.
  • Stream to Facebook live and Youtube Live.

What Are System Requirements For Facebook Live?

  • Good internet connection. A minimum of 3mbps is recommended.
  • Powerful graphics card for video encoding.
  • RTMP allowed. Just in case if you can’t connect, checkout your router, ISP, internet settings.

What Are Other Requirements For Facebook Live Stream?

  • RTMP Protocol.
  • 720×1280 pixels resolution. 30 fps
  • Max 255 characters title length.
  • H264 video encoding.
  • AAC audio encoding.
  • Video length up to 4 hours. i.e. 240 minutes.
  • Square aspect ratio.
  • Progressive scan frame type.
  • 4000 kbps max bit rate.
  • 44.1 Khz audio sample rate.
  • 128 kbps audi bit rate.
  • CBR bit rate encoding.

Interested in learning how to use OBS Studio for Facebook live streaming? Click here.

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